Founded in 1997, the Herefordshire Cricket Society was established to organise events for cricket lovers during the long lamented off-season. Since then, the society has welcomed some of cricket's biggest names and personalities to share stories and experiences from their cricketing careers.


Our Ethos

Since it was founded, the Herefordshire Cricket Society has strived to provide its members with events that are not only thought provoking and inspiring, but that are also light-hearted and in good humour. Over the years we have aimed to engage our audiences and members by inviting some of the game's greatest talents to come and talk about their cricketing lives, and provide an insight into what it's like playing on the international stage. From coaches and pundits, to batsmen and bowlers, our aim is to ensure members' thirst for cricket is quenched during the dry winter period!

Our members

The Herefordshire Cricket Society welcomes those of all ages and all who have an interest in the game - no matter how large or small.